Guy Looney greets everyone with a warm, inviting grin.

He grew up in Niota, Tenn. – a one-stoplight town with a population of less than 800. People from his hometown are friendly, the type that have never met a stranger. Guy carries that philosophy over in his professional life with welcoming Southern hospitality that extends to his customers, partners, and fellow teammates.

He’s a salesman at heart who lives out the Coke Consolidated Purpose statement to “Honor God in all that we do” every day. As a club account manager for Coca-Cola Consolidated, Guy leads the sales organization to deliver the business plan goals and focuses on strengthening relationships and sharing results and best practices within the industry.

Guy started his career as a merchandiser for large stores like Kroger and Walmart in Dayton, Ohio in 2006. He quickly worked his way up to the role of account manager, selling incremental displays and equipment for upcoming advertising and promotions. Within five years, Guy was given the opportunity to join the Food Service account team out of Cincinnati as a market development manager focusing on business development. Several promotions and new titles later, Guy landed his present role as a Club Coke account manager with Coca-Cola Consolidated where he continues to share his warmth and positive attitude.

“I love working for Coke Consolidated because I love the product and company philosophy,” says Guy. “It also allows me to meet new people every day.”

In his free time, Guy enjoys hunting, fishing and playing golf. He’s married to the “woman of his dreams” and has three children. A true family man, Guy also coaches his son’s basketball, baseball and football teams.

It is no wonder then that Guy is a “secret ingredient” of Coca-Cola Consolidated. Guy is one the many faces of Coca-Cola profiled here on #Coca-Cola Renew and in a print advertisement that ran in Cincinnati. 

Guy Looney