The Center for Packaging Innovation and Sustainability represents Michigan State University's continuing commitment to packaging innovation and sustainability. The Coca-Cola Company is a founding member of the Center.

New demands that packaging not only deliver quality products, but also have minimal impact on the environment are leading to additional expectations of packaging as a science. Since 2010, the Center and its members have been working to fully address the need for an integrated approach to research, outreach and education that is focused on issues of innovation and sustainability.

The Center brings together university scholars, students and industry practitioners to:

  • Address packaging issues associated with sustainability.
  • Develop measurements, tools and strategies for quantifying and reducing the environmental impact of packaging throughout the value chain.
  • Build leadership capacity to address the environmental impact of packaging.

The ultimate goal of the Center is to provide cutting-edge research that will create innovative concepts in packaging and distribution and improve the environmental impact of both based on scientific criteria.

To date, the Center has funded nine multi-year projects. These nine projects are developing strong conclusions that will provide better understanding for the packaging industry in areas such as the value of post-consumer packaging materials, best practices in recycling, and enhancing the sustainability of consumer packaging. For a complete list of current projects including their potential impact for the packaging industry and a list of the future areas of research, please see the Center's website at

The Center's efforts have proven that a collaborative research structure works very well with companies such as TCCC that have similar research focuses yet are in different product categories, along with non-government and governmental agencies. The competitive edge for member companies is that they are collaborating with a team of world-class researchers and other companies and organizations to develop innovations that have the potential to improve the way they do business and approach packaging design.n.

“Our partnership with The Coca-Cola Company is an excellent example of how the private sector and research universities can come together to address global issues. Coca-Cola has been at the forefront of environmental issues and has actively partnered with the School of Packaging at Michigan State University through our Center for Packaging Innovation and Sustainability to address the environmental issues related to packaging, ranging from the evaluation of packaging materials to eliminating litter to responsible end of life scenarios. This collaboration is producing results that are reducing the impact of packaging on the environment from a broad perspective. Coca-Cola is an active partner in this process and contributes expertise and experience. As a result of their global business experience, Coca-Cola brings concepts to the Center with the goal of producing a better environment. We are proud to be partners with Coca-Cola in this effort”
- Joseph H. Hotchkiss, Director, School of Packaging, Michigan State University