Earlier this year, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched the Circular Economy 100 (CE100), a three year program aimed at bringing together a network of 100 leading companies globally to facilitate development and commitment to new circular economy projects.

The Coca-Cola Company was the first global consumer goods company to join the CE100, which focuses on global collaboration efforts to shape an alternative to the current linear economic model.

The CE100 will provide executive education, insight on key themes and emerging trends, opportunities to share knowledge and new learnings, and identify and develop solutions to common challenges. The objective is that by 2015 participating companies will have identified and be committed to initiating new circular initiatives that will result in a significant economic benefit and catalyze efforts for building a regenerative economy.

The circular economy offers the opportunity to move away from our "take - make - dispose" model, by ensuring, through careful design and innovative business models, that technical and biological materials continuously flow, safeguarding valuable resources and restoring natural capital. It aims to achieve economic resilience by decoupling prosperity from the consumption of finite resources.

For more information about the Circular Economy 100, please view their website.