World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is the world's leading conservation organization working in more than 100 countries for half a century. Supported by nearly five million members globally, WWF is dedicated to delivering science-based solutions to preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth, halt the degradation of the environment and combat climate change.

By 2020, WWF will conserve many of the world's most ecologically important regions by working in partnership to:

  • Protect and restore species and their habitats
  • Strengthen local communities' ability to conserve the natural resources they depend upon
  • Transform markets and policies to reduce the impact of the production and consumption of commodities 
  • Ensure that the value of nature is reflected in decisions made by individuals, communities, governments and businesses
  • Mobilize hundreds of millions of people to support conservation
“We are witnessing unprecedented demands on natural resources around the world. Continuing with business as usual puts everything at risk, including the viability of business. These problems can only be solved by working together, and our work with Coca-Cola has proven that collaboration can amplify and accelerate the impact we need.”
- Carter Roberts, President and CEO, World Wildlife Fund
This year, building on the initial successes of our nearly decade-long partnership, WWF and The Coca-Cola Company announced new, bold global environmental goals and an expanded global partnership to achieve even greater impact by helping address the natural resource challenges that impact fresh water.

Under the renewed and expanded partnership, The Coca-Cola Company and WWF will involve additional partners to achieve greater scale and impact; spark commitments from businesses, governments, and consumers to take action to value, conserve, and protect the planet's natural resources; and have jointly developed five new 2020 environmental sustainability goals for the Coca-Cola system—the Company and its more than 250 bottling partners in more than 200 countries. These goals include:

  • Improve water efficiency by 25%
  • Help ensure healthy, resilient freshwater systems
  • Reduce CO2 emissions embedded in 'the drink in your hand' by 25%
  • Responsible source material for PlantBottle™ packaging
  • Sustainably source key agricultural ingredients
Our expanded partnership builds on the foundation of our work together since 2007 to conserve and protect freshwater resources around the world. To date, our partnership efforts have led to major conservation gains, including helping to improve the ecological health of seven of the world's most important freshwater basins across five continents, helping to improve the Coca-Cola system's water efficiency by 20 percent, working to prevent 5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions across Coca-Cola's global manufacturing operations, and promoting more sustainable agricultural practices in the Company's supply chain.

To learn more about the great results accomplished by our partnership with WWF, see our Partnership 2013 Annual Review.

And for even more information, visit our partnership page on our Company’s website and view the video we developed with WWF.

To learn more about WWF, please visit their website.