EKOCYCLE™ recently had a chance to meet up with Jomnarn Dul, the creative force behind the Hallenstein Brothers for EKOCYCLE suits. Jom recently won the menswear portion of actress and activist Suzy Amis Cameron's Red Carpet Green Dress eco fashion fundraiser. Her design, which is created with sustainable materials, will be worn on the red carpet by Kellan Lutz, of "Twilight" fame. It's a huge honor for the entire EKOCYCLE family and we're so proud to see this rising star step into this well-deserved spotlight. 

H.Brothers Designer Jomnarn Dul

Tell us a little about yourself, your design background, and how you came to be a part of H Brothers.

I am a New Zealand born Cambodian. Two years ago I completed my degree in fashion design at The Auckland University of Technology. In my final year I majored in menswear focusing on the more commercial side of the industry. The year ended with a showcase of my designs along with 24 other design graduates. This is where I was approached by Hallenstein Brothers to join their team.

How would you describe your design sensibility?

I am really interested in commercial menswear. I love to create designs that are accessible to all males. Working at Hallenstein Brothers has allowed me to develop my design handwriting within a commercial structure. I like to focus on perfecting the cut and overall fit of each garment and how it drapes on the body. When I design it’s a completely creative process. I start with a simple point of inspiration and then build the design from there.

The EKOCYCLE suits are incredibly forward thinking. Can you tell us a little about the design process that led to them becoming a reality?

Hallenstein Brothers was approached by will.i.am and EKOCYCLE to design a range of suits for the EKOCYCLE movement. As I had previous design experience I was invited to contribute my ideas. We drew inspiration from futuristic styling and collaborated throughout the design process with will.i.am. The focus was to keep the suits young and fresh with a classic aesthetic.

We know you want more. Visit EKOCYCLE to find the rest of the Q&A with more inspiring insights from Jom.