Hailing from the vibrant music city of Austin, Moving Castles are the most exciting new indie-rock band you’ll discover today.

Moving Castles, self-confessed “nerds that play epic, fun indie rock music in the purest sense” say their track ‘Midnight Show’ is a joyous celebration of one of their favorite places in their hometown. We talked to John Eric Hetherington from the band.

Where did you write ‘Midnight Show’?
In my old apartment in Austin on a sunny, cloudless morning. I love creating music with my friends in a relaxed environment where everyone can be great at what they do.

Tell us about the location you've chosen for your Placelist?
It is an area known as Slaughter Creek Acres in Austin, where you’ll find the incredible Alamo Drafthouse movie theater – a place that’s trying its best to maintain the movie-going experience in this crazy internet world. If you go, remember to turn off your phone, else you’re out! The Placelist features the likes of Tegan & Sara, Ra Ra Riot and even Van Halen.

There’s a real mix of artists on your Placelist. Who are three musical heroes that have inspired Moving Castles?
I’m always motivated by Alex Chilton from Big Star for writing some of the most poignant songs and being able to step away from them without overstaying his welcome, Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene for putting everything on the plate and going all-in when he writes songs, and Jim Ward of At The Drive-In and Sparta for demonstrating to the 16-year-old me how to play out-of-the-box guitar while still being tasteful. 

Listen to the Moving Castles Placelist