Bees play a vital role in our ecosystems. They pollinate the plants around us, helping to grow the fruit and flowers we all love. But their numbers are declining, which is bad news for both biodiversity and food producers.

Coca-Cola Spain is committed to keeping the country buzzing with bee life. With the help of Minute Maid, the local team is joining forces with Spanish bee protection organisation Ecocolmena, to encourage consumers to adopt their very own hive.

The activation is helping launch the latest addition to Minute Maid's Limón&Nada range, introducing a new variant with a touch of honey. 

Save the bees

To boost awareness about the new flavour and engage consumers in an creative way, the brand is giving away 10 beehives for free adoption via its Facebook page. To win their own beehive, consumers can get creative by uploading a picture of a lemon 'decorated' as a bee.

"With this initiative we underline the natural, fun and creative values that are at the core of Minute Maid Limón&Nada," says Tiago Andrade, sports drinks, juices & innovation brand manager.   

The project links consumers with local producers, since the bee colonies are located at organic farms across Spain. In return, consumers not only receive a jar of fresh honey, but they can visit the farms to learn more about sustainable beekeeping.      

Each hive will introduce 50,000 new bees into the environment, supporting the beekeeping profession and aiding local farmers with the pollination of their crops. To show its support for this important cause, Coca-Cola Spain is sponsoring 166 hives throughout Spain. 

"As a business, we rely heavily on bees as they help grow many of the key ingredients we use in our drinks," Tiago adds. "By working together with stakeholders, we help raise awareness about the importance of bees and help secure the future availability of agricultural products."

The new Minute Maid Limón&Nada Honey variant recently won the prestigious Gold Pentaward 2015 packaging prize in the juice category for its creative appearance.