Over the past two years, I've traveled to more than 30 countries... and I'm not stopping any time soon. I'm able to do this because I'm a digital nomad, which means as long as I have my computer and Wi-Fi access, I can do my job. I'm currently focusing most of my time on building ChameleonJohn.com, an online coupons company I co-founded a bit more than a year ago.

I was born and raised in Eastern Europe, but had never been to any of the Balkan States. So, earlier this year, I decided to buy a motorbike and drive all across them.

These are the countries I went through: Lithuania > Poland > Czech Republic > Austria > Slovenia > Croatia > Bosnia and Herzegovina > Montenegro > Albania > Greece > Macedonia > Kosovo > Serbia > Romania > Hungary > Slovakia > Poland > Lithuania. I skipped only two of the Balkan States: Bulgaria and Moldova.

I did not plan this route in advance, and I didn't even have a map. So I'd literally decide where to go to next every night in my hotel room.

I enjoyed the entire trip, from driving down the coast of Croatia and across the best mountain passes in Europe (Transfagarasan and Transalpina in Romania), to exploring the ancient town of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to checking out the UNESCO heritage site Meteora in Greece... and so much more. Here is a short highlight video I made:

The experience taught me that I can go anywhere I want, anytime I want, and that I can overcome any obstacle in my way, one way or the other. I'm currently on a nine-month trip around Asia. I just spent a week in Thailand and am currently spending a month in Bali. Next, I will travel to Japan and India before heading back to Indonesia, then Taiwan, China and maybe even North Korea. Stay tuned for my next video!

Jacob Laukaitis is a location-independent entrepreneur traveling the world while working on ChameleonJohn.com. He loves exploring new cultures, reading books and learning languages, and considers himself a workaholic.