One of my objectives in developing this blog was to provide collectors with resources they could use to enhance and evaluate their collections. I hope that this blog is becoming one of the best places collectors can visit fo find information that will add to their knowledge and appreciation of collectibles bearing the Coca-Cola trademark.

A few weeks ago, The Collectors Weekly published an interview with Florida collector Ray Kilinski that would be of interest to anyone who has a collection or is interested in starting one. During the interview, Ray shares his personal philosophy on collecting and provides some good tips for both the novice and experienced collector on collection development. Unlike most newspapers or magazines that publish occasional collector stories, the Weekly does not have space limitations and provides in-depth profiles of the personalities they feature. Here is a link to that story:

Another great resource is a magazine called The Cola Conquest. Published in Canada and edited by Blair Matthews, the publication is loaded with articles, interviews, eBay sales results, photographs and advertising that will appear to a wide range of collectors. Of particular interest to bottle and can collectors, are the features that highlight unusual packages and collections.In recent months, there have been lengthly interviews with myself and Jan Schmidt of the renowned Schmidt Museum of Coca-Cola Memorabilia. here is a link to the magazine's website:

Within the next few weeks, we will be adding a new feature to the blog. Visitors to this site will find an area where they can find all of the posts that I have done on the value of collectibles. Since I cannot respond to individual requests for information on the value of specific items, this segment of the blog will point readers in the right direction to get that data. Stay tuned!