Coca-Cola Peru and bottling partner Arca Continental Lindley acted swiftly during the country's worst flooding and rains in decades, donating more than 3 million liters of water and partnering with #UnaSolaFuerza (OneSingleForce), the Peruvian government's national emergency response campaign.

Coca-Cola Peru temporarily suspended radio and television advertising starting March 18, allocating the entire investment to help the people most affected by the emergency.

Also, the Coca-Cola system enabled tank trucks to supply water to firefighters, hospitals, health centers and local governments.

This initiative corresponds to the decision of the Coca-Cola system to join the campaign led by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), #UnaSolaFuerza (#OneSingleForce), in order to articulate efforts and ensure that the aid and donations are distributed in the best way possible to those who are in need.

Now, the Manos a la Obra (Let's Do It) initiative, together with The Coca-Cola Foundation and NGO CARE Peru, will continue to provide humanitarian aid and reconstruction support for affected communities.

In addition to being part of #UnaSolaFuerza, the company has been promoting, through their social networks, a culture of solidarity and union among Peruvians and constantly reporting the collection points of donations throughout the country.

Peru has been facing one of the largest climate emergencies in decades. The phenomenon, called "Niño Costero", is a consequence of the warming of Pacific Ocean waters in the Peruvian north coast, which has generated intense rainfall and "huaicos" (slipping water, mud and stones), which have affected large areas in many cities located in the coastal zone of the country.

According to reports from the National Emergency Operations Center, the number of victims exceeds 133,000 and at least 90 people have lost their lives.