Coca-Cola has joined the likes of Nike and Amazon in the top 20 of Fast Company’s annual ranking of the world’s 50 most innovative companies, coming in at No. 14.

Fast Company credits Coke with “turning a gigantic brand into a nimble marketing collective.” 

“The TV spot was once the center of Coca-Cola’s marketing strategy. Now, Coke is on to a new era of delightful, shareable online content,” writes Christine Champagne.

The Fast Company editorial team spent months gathering and analyzing data to identify the enterprises whose innovations are having the greatest impacts both on their respective industries and global culture as a whole.

The publication cited four big wins that earned Coca-Cola its first-ever spot on the elite list:

Sticking to the Message

Coca-Cola has a great story to tell, so why not keep telling it?  Coke inspires moments of optimism and happiness, an enduring message told simply and beautifully in the “Security Cameras” ad. The spot – which TED included on its 2013 “Ads Worth Spreading” list – captured security camera footage of random acts of kindness, at the same time, captured hearts around the world.

Mixing Novel with Nostalgia

Coca-Cola continues to make its mark with novel innovations, such as vending machines in Brazil that dispense free mobile data credits. But the brand also delights fans through iconic symbols like the Coca-Cola Polar Bear. Audiences first met the Polar Bears in 1992, but they still enjoy face-time 11 years later. In 2012, football fans were invited to engage with these loveable characters via social media as they tuned in to watch the Big Game “live from the arctic.”

Owning Big Moments 

Coke has a way of stealing the show.  For the 2012 Olympic Games, Coca-Cola launched “Move to the Beat,” which doubled as a marketing campaign and a tool to communicate about physical activity and energy balance by combining the talents of Grammy-winning producer Mark Ronson and chart-topping vocalist Katy B. Together, they created an inspirational anthem that fused the sounds of Olympic sports with the beat of London music.

Embracing Outside Creativity

Coke has a passion for innovative ideas and goes out of its way to leverage collective genius. The company won accolades at Cannes for a bus shelter ad created by a 20-year-old design student and Coca-Cola fan from Hong Kong.