Mom, apple pie and baseball? Or cars, blue jeans and Coca-Cola

With Independence Day fast approaching, brand loyalty and consumer engagement research firm Brand Keys Inc. polled 4,680 consumers between the ages of 16 and 65 to evaluate 35 values, including "patriotism," as part of a larger survey to determine what engages customers, engenders loyalty and drives real profit. 

Survey Says

According to the survey, American consumers consider Jeep to be the most patriotic brand in the U.S., followed by Levi Strauss and Coca-Cola.

Many that made the top 50 list are widely considered to be iconic American brands. It would seem that products “Made in the USA” and socially responsible companies that play a part in their local communities strike a chord with American consumers.

In an interview with MediaPost Marketing Daily, Brand Keys Founder and President Robert Passikoff said brands that make an emotional connection have a strategic advantage over competitors when it come to the marketplace battle for the hearts, minds, and loyalty of consumers. 

“When it comes to engaging the consumer, waving an American flag and actually having an authentic foundation for being able to wave the flag are two entirely different things and the consumer knows it," he says. "More importantly, believability is key to the engagement paradigm. The more engaged a consumer is with a particular emotional value and the associated brand, the more likely they'll trust that emotion and act positively on that belief."

Who's Who

Here are the top 10 "most patriotic brands" for 2014, according to Brand Keys’ survey:

1. Jeep
2. Levi Strauss
3. Coca-Cola
4. Colgate/Disney/Wrigley's/Zippo (tie)
5. Ford /Harley Davidson/ Ralph Lauren (tie)
6. Apple / Gillette (tie)
7. Hershey's / Wal-mart (tie)
8. Amazon
9. New Balance
10. AT&T / Google (tie)