In September, The Coca-Cola Company began the Coca-Cola Associates in Motion! Challenge in Atlanta, GA. This was a month-long competition among associates to see who could burn the most calories. Users tracked their activity via the Endomondo app and tracked and recorded their calories burned. For each calorie burned, associates gained an entry into a drawing for a pair of Beats headphones. Deanna was one of the winners, and we wanted to share her story that she described for you below.

I really enjoyed the Endomondo Challenge. It was hard work but for a fantastic prize.  My main motivation for participating in the challenge was to win the headphones for my 13-year-old son Bobby.  He plays football and has kept his grades at an A/B average.  I challenged him to do well both on and off the field this year, and I challenged myself to win him the headphones.  He had been asking for them for a while.  I normally run 20 – 25 miles per week, but after a few days, I saw that other participants were burning more calories and I knew I had to increase my mileage and my calorie burned.  I started off by running one run a day of 5 – 6 miles for the first week or so, then I started increasing to 2 workouts a day of anywhere between 3 – 4 miles each.  By the last week of the challenge, I had built myself up to 2 runs per day of 4 – 6 miles each.  In my last week of the challenge, I ran 60 miles. 

Throughout the process, I was able to lose 8 lbs and became more physically fit.  I had been having trouble losing weight up until this point but it was the perfect way to kick start my weight loss.  I enjoyed the social aspect of the app because some of the participants I didn’t know asked me to join, and we were able to see the workouts that we all were doing and could push each other to work out more.  I knew that if I skipped a workout someone would be right there behind me trying to take my place.  Now, I plan on continuing my longer workouts to try to get even more physically fit.

Deanna Hardin is in Human Resources at The Coca-Cola Company.