The Coca-Cola Company has supported the Olympic movement since 1928 and we are committed to using our marketing expertise, the appeal of our brands and our scale to make a lasting, positive difference in the communities we serve. This commitment is not simply about philanthropy, it's also about creating a long-term, sustainable business. We know our business cannot thrive if the communities where we operate do not thrive.

For London 2012, we pushed ourselves to think differently and elevate our marketing to make a real connection between our commitment to active, healthy living and the Olympic Games. The result is Move to the Beat.


Move to the Beat brings the importance and fun of active, healthy living to teens. It is both a marketing campaign and a lever for us to communicate about physical activity and energy balance in a relevant way.

Move to the Beat focuses on using teen's passion for music and being together to bring them closer to sport and to inspire them to move. It combines the dreams of five Olympic hopefuls with the talents of Grammy award-winning producer Mark Ronson and chart-topping vocalist Katy B to create an inspirational Move to the Beat anthem. The anthem fuses the sounds of Olympic sports with the beat of London music and will be scaled across the globe via a documentary, television commercial and local activations. This beat is the backdrop for sport, movement and fun.

This global activation will be leveraged via various digital platforms and will be the largest digital and mobile program in the Company's history, giving us the best opportunity to connect with the world's more than 680 million teens. Our goal is to make sure every teenager who has access to a web-enabled mobile phone, including those in less digitally advanced countries, has an opportunity to be part of the Olympic Games and can be inspired to move.


Watch webisodes of the Move to the Beat documentary (coming soon) and television commercials below. It showcases how we ideate and execute on big ideas that link our business objectives with our commitment to make a positive difference in the world.


We are helping to develop workable solutions to address obesity by partnering with governments, academia, health societies and other responsible members of civil society.

Experts agree -- and so do we -- that all calories count when it comes to energy balance. The primary cause of weight gain is an excess of calories consumed, compared to calories burned. And, these calories can come in the form of fats, proteins, alcohol or carbohydrates. All foods and beverages have the potential of contributing excess calories to the diet -- thus consumers must be mindful of what they eat and drink.

A healthful diet isn't about avoiding any one food, beverage or ingredient. Rather, it's about making sensible choices that include consuming a variety of foods and beverages in moderation and ensuring individual nutrition needs are met, without exceeding the number of calories burned during the day. That's why as a Company, we provide options that give people choice, from our regular calorie beverages in a wide variety of package sizes, to our full range of low- and no-calorie beverages.


As the world's largest beverage company, we also take seriously that people want a variety of beverages and packaging options to meet their needs and lifestyles. We are offering our communities choice from our continuously expanding beverage portfolio, including more than 800 low- and no-calorie beverages. We also address portion control with additional, new and smaller pack sizes. During Games time, we will offer the widest range of drinks and sizes ever offered at an Olympic and Paralympic Games.


The Coca-Cola Company recognizes the uniqueness of consumers' lifestyles and dietary choices. We believe that all of our products can be part of an active, healthy lifestyle that includes a sensible, balanced diet and regular physical activity.

We take a three-pronged approach to encouraging active healthy lifestyles: Education (THINK), Variety (DRINK), and Physical Activity (MOVE). Move to the Beat is one of the many programs and initiatives that reinforces our physical activity and nutrition education commitments. Today, we support more than 250 nutrition education and physical activity initiatives in more than 100 countries. We are committed to having a physical activity and nutrition education program in every country where we operate by 2015.

Here's a map of our current progress.


Mexico: Move to the Beat
Every four years we have an opportunity to live the ultimate celebration of the human spirit: the Olympic Games. A great way to celebrate this spirit with teens is through one of their greatest passions – music. In Mexico, the program will focus on giving teens the opportunity to celebrate by DANCING. In Mexico, we will host a press conference with Coca-Cola Mexico executives, a spokesperson from the British embassy and celebrities to message the importance of fun and activity. This will be scaled through social networks. Activations will culminate with a Beat Fest that will drive a massive occasion for teens to express themselves and dance.

Japan: Coca-Cola London Challenge
See how Japan is activating Move to the Beat to get teens moving.

North America: The Sprite Spark Park Projects
To encourage active, healthy living in North America, The Sprite Spark Park Projects is providing renovation grants to 25 basketball courts located in public parks and recreation centers throughout the nation. Each court is eligible to receive varying levels of support based on the number of votes it earns through May 31 at Consumers can visit to help courts in need earn grants by submitting the My Coke Rewards codes found on Sprite and Sprite Zero Fridge Pack™ products. Sprite will donate $275,000 to be distributed among the 25 parks in grants ranging from $5,000 to $15,000. The grants will be used to refurbish rims, backboards, lights, benches and playing surfaces -- sparking new life to these courts.

Great Britain: Street Games
In 2010, Coca-Cola Great Britain and StreetGames launched a three-year partnership aimed to inspire and encourage positive behavior change among teens in disadvantaged communities who don't have access to sport in their everyday lives. Coca-Cola hopes to deliver an improved sporting experience and reach more than 110,000 young people throughout the country.
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India: Coca-Cola Cricket Cup Under-16
In 2011, Coca-Cola India announced a major initiative in promoting grassroots cricket by launching the Coca-Cola Cricket Cup Under-16 school cricket tournament in partnership with Procam International, India's largest sports and leisure management company. The Coca-Cola Cup is the largest inter-school cricket championship in India. It aims to discover budding cricketing talent in the country and showcase the benefits of sport and active, healthy living. The program is open to all young cricketers ages 12-15 years. Last year, the tournament involved more than 11,000 young players from 700 schools.

Global: Copa Coca-Cola 

We support football (soccer) programs all over the world. One program, Copa Coca-Cola, aims to keep youth active, while fostering their interest in football and offering them opportunities to meet and interact with peers from other parts of their countries and sometimes from other nations. While Copa Coca-Cola originated in Mexico, today the program has touched the lives of students from at least 10,000 schools and/or youth club teams in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.  It has reached more than one million students since its inception.

(images from South Africa)