Julian Bell

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Last Friday, Music Dealers, Spotify, and Coca-Cola partied in style to celebrate Coke’s “52 Songs of Happiness” campaign. The event, hosted at Music Dealers’ loft-style office in Chicago, featured performances from three Chicago-based artists highlighted in the campaign: The Ivorys, Julian Bell, and Living In Pretend.

With the party packed full of Halloween-spirited fans, Living In Pretend opened the show, thrilling the crowd with punchy, pop-rock and climaxing the set with their popular Coke song, “Keep On Movin’.”

The Ivorys

Danielle Heinson Photography

Julian Bell followed, enthralling the audience with guitar-driven pop rock, taking his set to the next level with his upbeat Coke anthem, “Downtown.”

The performances concluded with The Ivorys, a band notorious for rocking amazing shows, who remained true to character. They performed an intense set, exhilarating the crowd with songs like, “Crank Up The Radio.”

Complete with incredible music, an awesome atmosphere, and screaming fans in Halloween costumes, it was a fantastic event that truly embodied the spirit of Happiness.

You can watch a little of each performance right now:

Video Credit: Michael Pottle

Chris Rucks

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