Coke Zero Video

Late last year, Coke Zero’s Make It Possible campaign set out to inspire young adults to go after their dreams. The brand created a web site where consumers could share their stories and it was there the inspiration for the TV spot, “A Step From Zero” was born. Set to an original music track, “All In” by Music Dealers artist Metis featuring Aynzli Jones, the spot was recently awarded Gold at the London International Awards.

For its part, Ogilvy & Mather Paris has also won a Silver and a Bronze in the Brand Content category at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival for the integrated brand content activity of “A Step from Zero.”

Metis, an emerging independent artist whose single “Champion” has had significant airplay in the US and UK, represents a tale of possibility. Graduating at the top of his class the Ivy League educated rapper paid his way through college working in the University cafeteria. He then landed a coveted spot at one of Wall Street’s most sought-after firms. After working his way up to become the youngest proprietary trader in the firm’s history, all while penning lyrics anywhere he could, he resigned to pursue his passion for music.

Music Dealers artist Metis’ track “All In” is featured in Coke Zero’s global TV spot, “A Step From Zero.”

After months of searching by Ogilvy and The Coca-Cola Company for the right track to accompany the Coke Zero TV spot, “All In” was offered up by Coca-Cola’s global music partner Music Dealers as the perfect soulful, emotional fit.

The spot, directed by the award-winning Nima Nourizadeh, features a young man seeking an escape from conflict between his parents. With the help of Coke Zero, he inadvertently finds inspiration for a new dance and shares it with friends.  Through encouragement and determination the dance spreads around the globe with young people dancing on school buses, in the streets and on rooftops, illustrating that even a small spark of inspiration can be enough to make a full blown movement possible.

Carrie Brown works in Global Brand PR at The Coca-Cola Company.