Last September I attended the Global Citizen Festival- a massive advocacy concert held by the Global Poverty Project (GPP) in Central Park, New York to coincide with the General Assembly. The event brought together 60,000 change makers, and artists like Neil Young with Crazy Horse, the Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, John Legend, Band of Horses and K’NAAN. Run in partnership with top charities, the event helped secure $1.3 billion in commitments for projects helping fight extreme poverty. Also, people at the concert earned their way in by taking action through the Global Citizen platform.  The event was undoubtedly heard around the globe – proving to be the largest ever live streamed syndicated charity concert in history.

Since this festival the world continues to question: What is next from GPP and how will they continue to build this immense movement aimed to eliminate extreme poverty within our lifetime? Each day I am personally moved by their impact but also wholly impressed by their ability to engage people by building awareness around complex issues such as women’s empowerment, water stewardship, and environmental sustainability. In doing so, they ultimately increase the number and effectiveness of people of taking actions.

Hugh Evans, founder of GPP who was recently named by Forbes as “the” leading global social entrepreneur in “30 Under 30” All Changing Your World Right Now, was recently at our Coca-Cola offices in Atlanta alluding to an exciting announcement. Unsurprisingly, it has blown us away! Just this month GPP launched Global Citizen Tickets -- putting a pool of more than 20,000 tickets from over 70 artists & Festivals up for draw on Global Citizen to incentivize social activism. Users take action – from signing a petition to sharing content on Facebook, earn points, and use those points to enter the draw for concert tickets in their city.

Some of the artists committed to the movement include…

Global Citizen Artists

The names behind the artists, many of them fierce competitors, are now joining forces in a way the music industry has never seen. This ground-breaking approach is true testament to the purity of this cause and power of the Global Citizen platform.

Hugh and GPP team, we look forward to the many more revolutionary announcements to come. Keep inspiring us through this movement!

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Katelyn Carey is a Marketing Coordinator for the EKOCYCLE team at The Coca-Cola Company.