If we all get 15 minutes of fame, I had part of mine last night!

Nbc_news_coke_filming_2NBC Nightly News did a segment on corporations with blogs, and I was featured! I got to talk about why I started this blog, the topics I post on, and the conversations I have with you. It was great!

We filmed down at the World of Coca-Cola, in the Pop Culture Gallery. Part of the gallery is the Collectors Corner, which shows the dream living room of a Coca-Cola collector – complete with a couch from American Idol! I love this area because it has pieces in it that are rare (but that a die-hard collector really would have), but it also contains Coke memorabilia that all of us have – the contour bottle from a winning college team, pins from the Olympics and even a stuffed polar bear.

While we were in the Pop Culture Gallery, I made a video about the Collectors Corner area -- and part of that showed up on NBC. You can see the full video here, and see a photo of a member of my team, Jamal Booker, filming me, and the NBC cameraman filming both of us!

The NBC crew also filmed me at the computer going through different posts on the blog. Fortunately, they didn’t show much of the footage of me typing! (I really do use the “hunt and peck” method of typing, but we don’t all need to see it!)