Last week it was my privilege to represent The Coca-Cola Company on an executive roundtable to kick off the White House’s Climate Data Initiative Food Resilience Program. In a nutshell, this program is a part of the overall Climate Data Initiative which is a commitment to cut carbon pollution in America, prepare communities for the impacts of climate change, and lead international efforts to address these global challenges. The Food Resilience element of the initiative launched last week, aimed specifically at empowering America’s agricultural sector and strengthening the resilience of the global food system in a changing climate. Read more about the initiative in this press release.

Guy Wollaert
Guy Wollaert

I was one of several private-sector representatives on the roundtable, including others from companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, PepsiCo and Walmart. White House advisor John Podesta led the roundtable and asked that each representative talk a few minutes about our respective companies’ sustainability commitments. John also asked us to provide suggestions for any specific actions from the federal government that could improve Climate Data and/or Food Resilience.

When it was my turn, I spoke proudly about The Coca-Cola Company’s sustainability commitments – and about our agricultural commitments specifically. I also requested that the U.S. government consider leading a multi-stakeholder approach to food waste, and this idea was warmly received by John Podesta and echoed by others on the roundtable.  

Common themes across all participants on the roundtable included the need for more public-private partnerships, as well as collaboration in general; translating data into meaningful information to drive decision-making; and, driving commonality across various tools and approaches. For more details on the commitments, please read more in the press release linked above.
It was a very exciting day in Washington and I was proud to represent our Company and all of the work that our teams are leading across the system. Events like this one always prove to be great opportunities to make cross-industry connections that lead to explorations for new collaboration.

Guy Wollaert is Chief Technical and Innovation Officer at The Coca-Cola Company.