Annapolis, Maryland Coca-Cola contour bottle embossed bottom

I've toured bottling plants before and stocked shelves of product, but never had the opportunity to ride on a Coke truck with a delivery driver to go shop by shop – until recently. This was a great experience, which I wrote about in this Coca-Cola Unbottled post.

I got to deliver Coca-Cola products to my home, sweet home of Annapolis, Maryland. I went out from the local Capitol Heights, Maryland distribution facility and delivered to local places I remember growing up, such as Bowie State University. Seeing home through the lens of Coke made me dig a little bit into the history of the Annapolis Coca-Cola Bottling Company. 

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Annapolis opened in 1923. For years, Coca-Cola bottles were imprinted with the city and state of the bottling company on the bottom of them. The bottle in the picture above with “Annapolis MD” embossed on the bottom is actually from a 1989 promotional reissue of historic Coca-Cola bottles with 101 cities on the bottom. Also, the photo below is a 1930 trade show display featuring a cooler, bottles and artwork.

Annapolis Coca-Cola Bottling Company 1930 trade show booth

Every time I see a Coke truck now I am reminded and appreciate the work being done behind the scenes by people like Mike – the driver I went out with to deliver, and the entire Capitol Heights team.