will.i.am is #winning these days. The music producer dropped the hit single “Scream and Shout” with Britney Spears late last year, snagged a coveted track on Jay-Z’s Great Gatsby soundtrack, and created a forward-thinking new lifestyle brand in EKOCYCLE which turns recycled plastic bottles into everything from Beats headphones to MCM bags.

Our editor Sian-Pierre sat down with will.i.am on EKOCYCLE day, just before the Clippers beat the Lakers at the Staples Center, to talk Jay-Z (they “text” about Great Gatsby), Louis Armstrong (his new song “Bang Bang” sounds like Louis A.),  his new album #willpower (Miley Cyrus is on it), and his #NBAEKOCYCLE team up (it’s dope). Watch the exclusive Swagger videos below for more:

On EKOCYCLE’s Team Up with The NBA, And MCM

On Working With Jay-Z And Miley Cyrus

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