Coca-Cola Monopoly GameBoard Next May 8th will be the 125th anniversary of The Coca-Cola Company and we just received the first licensed item celebrating the anniversary.  Coca-Cola has produced two Monopoly games in the past, the first was done in 1999 and the second, a Classic Ad Collectors Edition was released in 2005.  The goal of the new version is to have standout collectibles items from throughout the 125 year history of the Company. 

Coca-Cola Monopoly Front of Box The item in the Boardwalk game square, which is deemed the most valuable collectible on the board, is the 1891 calendar.  I can't argue with that.  I will say that we did not see the game board before it was produced and the astute collectors will notice a few inaccurate dates but it is great to see the 125th logo on the box!  I can't wait for next May.

The Monopoly game would make a great Christmas gift and can be purchased in stores at Barnes & Noble Calendar Club or Coca-Cola and a variety of speciality retail stores.  On-line, it is available from