Coca-Cola Freestyle – the touchscreen-operated dispenser that reinvented the fountain beverage experience in 2009 – is rolling out a new digital marketing campaign to remind fans that the platform offers more than 100 drinks to discover, pour, and enjoy.

The mobile and social media-driven creative aims to educate fans about what Coca-Cola Freestyle offers and where they can find one of the more than 40,000 units currently installed in restaurants, cinemas, theme parks and other locations across the U.S.

“The machine is quite literally the world of Coca-Cola at your fingertips,” said Sarah Greenberg Sachs, director of marketing for Coca-Cola Freestyle. “When people see a Coca-Cola Freestyle unit, they often think of it as a Coke machine because it’s red. But the reality is it offers eight great categories of beverages and 100+ brands, so we want consumers to understand that they can get DASANI, vitaminwater and many more of their favorite brands – including Coca-Cola, of course – in one spot.” 

A precision-based media plan will target mobile users when they are near a Coca-Cola Freestyle outlet. “For example, if someone is surfing CNN or Facebook on their phone in a park near a location with a machine, an ad will pop up driving them to an outlet with Coca-Cola Freestyle” Sachs explained.

The campaign, which is anchored by a colorful hero video, highlights the fact that Coca-Cola Freestyle is the “real world manifestation” of Coke’s evolution to a total beverage company, she added.

With 100+ choices, there’s always something fun to pour.

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While traditional fountains offer between six and eight choices, Coca-Cola Freestyle uses micro-dosing technology to deliver our sparkling and still beverages on demand, including more than 70 low/no-calorie brand options and 90-plus caffeine-free selections. Coca-Cola Freestyle offers a variety of drinks for every taste, lifestyle, and occasion – including more than 80 brands that can’t be found anywhere else.