28 years ago today, on April 23, 1985, Roberto Goizueta, the Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company made a momentous announcement at New York's Lincoln Center.  The taste of Coca-Cola was going to be changed as the "best just got better."  While I have written more detailed accounts on this blog, I always like to take a moment on the anniversary to stop and contemplate what an impact the 79 days without real Coca-Cola made on our Company.

The New Coke story still generates commentary and has appeared in countless academic studies.  The role in "pop culture" can be seen in this video I did with CNN on the 25th anniversary.  How long do you think it would have taken in the era of Social Media for Classic Coca-Cola to return?  See this Coca-Cola Journey story which addresses that question.  Also, let your voice be heard in our debate: Would it have taken less than two weeks or more than two weeks? Click here to vote!  ^TR

Coke Classic Fountain Glass