With a long history of celebrating the movie industry’s biggest night, Diet Coke joined Sunday’s must-watch awards show broadcast again this year.

During the February 28 broadcast, America’s No. 1 no-calorie sparkling brand debuted two new 30-second TV spots to support the Diet Coke IT'S MINE program that launched in January. Coca-Cola also aired “Anthem,” the anchor spot from the new global "Taste the Feeling" campaign.

The IT’S MINE program features millions of unique Diet Coke package designs and celebrates unique style and everyday glamour. So this red carpet event was a natural way for Diet Coke to connect with its fans.

Made especially for the awards show broadcast, the TV spots, titled “It’s Mine: The Catch” and “It’s Mine: Pursuit,” build off the “It’s Mine” spot that debuted earlier this month.


The two spots feature an elegant woman in a stunning red carpet-worthy dress leaping through the air to grab a Diet Coke bottle. The light-hearted, glamorous commercials celebrate the unique love Diet Coke drinkers have for their favorite sparkling beverage and dramatize the lengths fans will go to get their hands on a Diet Coke. Both spots are set to a cover of Queen’s “I Want It All.”

Diet Coke is also joining red carpet and “water cooler” fashion conversations through content on its social media channels, as well as a partnership with the E! network. Fans enjoyed seeing the unique and colorful Diet Coke bottles during the E! News “Countdown to the Red Carpet” live broadcast earlier tonight. Diet Coke will also be part of the E! “Fashion Police” post-awards show episode.