After more than a year with the same design for the blog, we are about to make some changes this week to both the layout and the way we organize the content.  The overall goal of the blog to provide insights into the role of Coca-Cola in pop culture and collectibles has not changed.

We recognize that many people find our blog while looking for information on the value of their collectibles.  While I have periodically posted that we can not evaluate all the items submitted, we have contributed quite a few post with information and resources for the collecting community.  We will now have a special section of the blog with information that can be used to evaluate items.

Earlier this year, we organized a series of heritage lectures for our employees.  In the course of developing that series, we created a graphic that we feel captures our goal to reflect the heritage of our Company while still looking forward.  We have redesigned the site to use this graphic.  I hope you like the new page as much as we do.