Coke’s PlantBottle packaging, without question, is an environmental breakthrough. But can the technology – which uses plant material to produce PET plastic bottles and much more – break through to today’s consumers, who are increasingly inundated with “green marketing” messages?

Two 60-second social media films launching this week take a simple approach to presenting the PlantBottle message through emotional, thought-provoking storytelling Coca-Cola fans have come to expect from their beloved brand.

The first video transforms a sustainable packaging story into a human story through the narration of Daniel, who proudly explains how his mom, Dr. Shell Huang, helped develop PlantBottle technology.

“She provides me an example of what I should be like,” Daniel says in the film, which was shot the day before Mother's Day 2011. “She works really well with others, and she’s really smart. I can say my mom invented a bottle and is one of the greatest people ever.”

In “Pendulum Wave,” eight PlantBottles form mesmerizing patterns as they swing back and forth, in sync with a rhythmic soundtrack, before reverting back to a single wave. The spot, created by Eepybird, the creative folks behind the viral Diet Coke and Mentos films from a few years back, invite viewers to “see bottles differently.”

The social media push includes engaging, medium-appropriate content designed to tap into viewers' passion for plants and entice them to want to learn more about PlantBottle packaging.

Inspiration struck members of the PlantBottle and Coca-Cola brand teams earlier this year in between meetings in New York City.

“It’s fitting that the insight was inspired within a sea of concrete,” recalls Andrew Rodbell, marketing director, PlantBottle. “A single flower on the table of a gritty diner put a smile on everyone’s face.”

The creative team then conducted consumer research and pored through clinical data, which revealed plants help lower blood pressure, boost attentiveness and increase productivity. All signs pointed to a universal truth. 

“We all share an emotional connection to nature and understand the role plants play in our lives,” Rodbell added. “So we decided to focus on celebrating moments of happiness, love and connection – all true to the Coca-Cola brand voice – through consumers’ passion for nature and plants.”

Their PlantBottle tagline emerged almost overnight: “Plants make us happy. That’s why they also make our bottles.”

These two films are part of a multi-faceted campaign including print, event ideas and a music video designed to tap into teens’ passion for music, connection and nature. More PlantBottle creative will reach the market in 2015.