Women are valuable contributors to families and the economy in Spain, but have been hit hard by the country's high unemployment rates. Coca-Cola Spain’s "Project GIRA Women" aims to change that by helping female entrepreneurs build a better future.

Since 2012, Coca-Cola has been working to boost employment in Spain through Project GIRA. Until now, the focus has been on youth – one of the groups most affected by the economic crisis – and over the years the program has helped 2,100 young people gain valuable work experience. Coca-Cola is now expanding this successful format to help female entrepreneurs get back to work in careers linked to Coca-Cola's value chain.

With Project GIRA Women, Coca-Cola Spain will help women between 23 and 55 years old develop skills and gain confidence in their ability to start their own business, allowing them to become independent and take charge of their own lives.

Project GIRA Women builds on Coca-Cola's 5by20 commitment to empower 5 million female entrepreneurs across its value chain by 2020.

An Empowering Journey

As part of this GIRA initiative, participants receive free training, advice and coaching from organizations specializing in female empowerment and business development. Their empowering journey consists of two inspirational, five-hour workshops and an online training course to help develop business ideas. The 10 women with the best projects will be mentored, and Coca-Cola will ultimately pick three winners to receive six months of guidance and startup funding.

The project also also offers workshops on creating art from waste materials as part of Coca-Cola’s 5by20 artisan program.

Stronger Together

Coca-Cola Spain's initiative is supported by several organizations encouraging female empowerment and entrepreneurship, including the Fundación Mujeres (Women's Foundation), Alma Natura and the Spanish Red Cross, as well as Impact HUB Madrid, a business incubator and mentoring specialist, and Basurama, which upcycles valuable waste materials generated during Coca-Cola's production and supply process.

"We are very proud of Project GIRA Women's debut in Spain, inspiring enterprising women to realize their ideas and get started in business," said Juan José Litrán, director of corporate relations, Coca-Cola Iberia.