101922-1 I was recently reading through some of our files on the various buildings which have been the home of The Coca-Cola Company and found a couple of amazing photographs.  The images below show the ninth home of Coca-Cola located at 179 Edgewood Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia.  The building was the first building built specifically to house the Company and was designed by Bruce & Morgan architects. On December 13, 1898, the building was opened, and Asa Candler, commenting on the new quarters said, "it  is sufficient for all our needs for all time to come."  The Company actually quickly outgrew the space and by 1909 moved into bigger quarters on Marietta 101923-1Street.

Interestingly, the top two floors of the building were removed in 1954 at a cost of $ 60,000.  No reason was given in the papers at the time, but it did indicate that the remodeled building (without the two floors) were to be converted to offices.  The building still stands today and contains a SUBWAY Restaurant.