The world’s fastest-growing trivia game app is scoring massive points with FIFA World Cup fans. On June 12, QuizUp and Coca-Cola introduced a new football-inspired trivia category where fans can experience more than 40 unique topics and test their knowledge in exciting, head-to-head play. The category is dedicated to history, facts and trivia featuring the beautiful game.

An 'App Takeover'

Our idea was an “app takeover,” says Matt Wolf, Coke's global head of gaming. Instead of creating an original game from the ground up, Coke decided to take a different approach that led to the innovative partnership.

“QuizUp’s platform is a great complement for our communications around this campaign in terms of celebrating fandom and football,” explains Wolf.

QuizUp app

The goal was to create and identify a successful game that could be an authentic landing pad for content associated with the Coca-Cola 2014 FIFA World Cup marketing campaign, "The World’s Cup." Plain Vanilla’s QuizUp app was the ultimate fit, says Wolf.

“QuizUp allows Coca-Cola to seamlessly assimilate our brand message and content into an app that already exists in the marketplace. That’s how we define an ‘app takeover,’” he adds.

And with more than 20 million registered users, the No. 1 trivia app has a global reach that is certainly worth "taking over."

Scoring Big

It’s a partnership with many firsts. Coca-Cola is the first brand to launch its own category in QuizUp. It’s also the first time the company has partnered with a mobile gaming app that has reached No. 1 in all apps (not just gaming) across several markets including Germany and Spain.

That’s where the real story lies says Wolf. “It’s about the success story”.

For both companies, when it comes to gauging success—so far, so good. Since the partnership’s launch earlier this month, the app has generated massive play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup category, with numbers soaring into the millions. Fans compete against their components by rapidly answering questions in topics ranging from the history of an individual competing team to questions about football legends. But for the fans who don’t consider themselves football fanatics, there’s a topic of surprise and delight for them too—“Off the Pitch”.

'Off the Pitch'

"Off the Pitch" celebrates the power, beauty and strong legacy of football. The trivia topic allows players to explore and experience the tournament off the field, from culture to food to fandom. 

Off the Pitch

Like several other trivia topics, these questions are very visual. A picture pops up revealing a clue before the question appears, adding a little adrenaline rush to the mix. It's all a part of Coca-Cola's efforts to create and satisfy the expectation of a high-quality user experience.

So whether you're a diehard football fan or just love the FIFA World Cup excitement, make sure to get in on all the trivia fun before it ends. Download QuizUp on your Android or iOS device and get gaming.


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