One Night Only Last week many of our Global Marketing associates were in Atlanta for planning meetings.  They closed their sessions with a reception where I gave a fun look back at the musical heritage of Coca-Cola.  I Coke has been associated music since our first celebrities, Hilda Clark and Lillian Nordica at the turn of the century.  We even played "name that tune" where I played clips of songs from the Things Go Better With Coke campaign.  They got the Neil Diamond and Tom Jones jingles correct, but nobody could identify the Bee Gees or The Who!  The highlight of the night was when the band One Night Only played a short concert.  One Night Only's song Can You Feel It is featured in our new advertising campaign. 

The next day, the band came for a tour of the Archives.  We are posed here with the Clapton guitar.  I feel just a bit older than the band, but I can assure that in college my hair would have fit right in!

  One night Only Live