Coca-Cola Middle East's new Ramadan campaign #OpenUp, pays tribute to the holy month by spreading happiness and encouraging people to open up to each other, rekindle lost connections and mend unresolved tensions.

According to research in Psychological Science, the single-most important variable of "very happy" people was good social relationships with others.

This Ramadan season, Coca-Cola hopes to use this insight to act as the catalyst that sparks new relationships while reinforcing old ones.

"The Open Up campaign inspires people to open up to different points of view and acknowledge that although differences will always exist, the bonds we share are stronger than any obstacle," says Tolga Cebe, head of marketing, Coca-Cola Middle East.

The #OpenUp platform is reinforced via two television commercials that highlight two different scenarios where tensions are narrated and resolved.

A New Connection: The first story line addresses a generation gap augmented through technology and social media. 

A Change of Heart: The second story line revolves around a father and son and how acceptance brings them closer to each other.

This Ramadan, Coca-Cola encourages one to #OpenUp to loved ones and to observe how these unexpected moments have the power to enrich ones everyday life.

Celebrating Ramadan Around the World

Beyond the #OpenUp campaign, Coca-Cola is working to spread the power of inclusion and happiness to specific markets. Two of these markets include Morocco and Indonesia.  

10 Years of Dar L’Ftour in Morocco 

Faithful to its tradition, Coca-Cola Morocco joined forces with its bottling partners and partner NGOs , to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with those in need. 

Ramadan Morocco

This year the project called Dar L’Ftour celebrates its 10th Anniversary and 2 millionth Iftar meal distributed since its 2004 launch.

“Like every year, Dar L'Ftour is dedicated to spreading happiness, togetherness, and optimism into the lives of the disadvantaged," says Omar Bennis, PAC Manager for Morocco. "We always strive to bring a smile to the faces of people and make Ramadan and memorable experience for them."

Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims break their fast at the time of sunset during the Islamic month of Ramadan.

"Sampaikan dengan Coca-Cola” in Indonesia 

In honor of Ramadan, Coca-Cola Indonesia is holding a series of unique activations to inspire a reconnection. The program is named, “Sampaikan dengan Coca-Cola” which means, "Say it with Coca-Cola".

During the month of Ramadan, 1 and 1.5-liter Coca-Cola plastic bottles will feature a special design that includes the names of loved ones like Ayah (father), Ibu (mother), and Sahabat (best friend). The special packaging is intended to encourage family, colleagues, friends and companions to reconnect.

Ramadan Indonesia

“The holy month of Ramadan is about reconnecting and forgiving each other. Yet over time, it often becomes a routine and loses the real meaning. This year, through a bottle of Coca-Cola, we want to bring positive inspiration to people to ensure that we have a good and close relationship with them by continuously reconnecting,” says Esther Tanudjaja, Senior Integrated Marketing Content & Connection Manager Coca-Cola Indonesia.