After re-focusing the brand around the POWER in its name, POWERADE has discovered a few unintended consequences of unleashing so much power on unsuspecting competitors. Now, the brand is helping athletes apologize for over-powering friends and teammates.

While POWERADE understands the integral role it plays in providing hydration athletes need to perform longer, and unleash posterizing dunks or dizzying bicycle kids on friends and competitors alike, the brand never intended to unleash more power than athletes could handle.

“With our ION4 advanced electrolyte system, we’ve been giving athletes the power to perform at their best, for longer, for years, but we’re worried this new campaign has really put it over the edge, and we think it’s time to say 'sorry',” says Jason McAlpin, senior brand manager, POWERADE.

POWERADE is stepping in to mend friendships and bruised egos, just in time for back to school.

Starting today, fans across the country can visit to customize POWEARADE Sorry Cards and mail directly to a friend.

“Teens today are so focused on bantering online, so we thought it would be fun to give them a new old-school tool to express themselves, and make sure there’s no hard feelings around the courts. We worked with Wieden & Kennedy in Portland, as well as actual greeting card illustrators, and writers to bring a bit of our humor and hyperbole to an unexpected medium,” says Alex Ames, senior manager, integrated marketing, POWERADE.

POWERADE Sorry Cards are high-quality cards with poignant apologies and artistic renderings of athletes in motion. The cards include premium finishes like gold-foil lettering and custom envelopes. Heartfelt apologies like “Sorry I did you like that. I don’t know what came over me. No hard feelings?” will be printed inside each card, with the ability to customize who the message is for.

Athletes across sports and culture are already getting in on the fun.

Paid social influencers received custom kits ahead of the launch, and created one-of-a-kind videos for the launch highlighting different ways they’ve apologized to the competition.

POWERADE has also partnered with iconic NYC basketball court Dyckman Park to help keep the peace amongst the best street ball players in the world, and the cards will pop-up in several high-end card stores, across the country.

For teens looking to send a personalized card to their competition, limited-edition cards are available to customize, online at