Since one year ago today, we’ve gone through two redesigns and tested a whole lot of content on Coca-Cola Unbottled. Today, on its first birthday, we launched the newest look! Why so many redesigns in one year? We launched the blog before Coca-Cola Journey went live, so within the first couple months we had to make the switch from Wordpress to the program we use for Journey. We realized a few months ago, ever since the migration of the blog to the Journey platform, Coca-Cola Unbottled has been in the midst of an identity crisis. This blog has its own purpose and tone of voice. The old look made it feel like any other page on Coca-Cola Journey. But today? Coca-Cola Unbottled feels like its own site within Journey and you know you’re in a unique spot when you get there.

Our team makes decisions based on data and research. This is how we knew that our hunch about Unbottled was right when we noticed the audience wasn’t growing like it should be and the unique Unbottled name wasn’t being recognized as its own site. So during the redesign process, we took a deep dive into content, too. What content is working? This is one area that is partially the same as Journey. People love content on jobs, marketing insights, breaking news, innovation, behind the scenes and celebrities, of course. Jumping in on the trends is fun, too. The difference here is Unbottled's content is all in first-person and very personable to the specific author. We allow Coke employees, partners, and even our consumers to write posts for Unbottled.

So what do you think? Does the new look and feel give you the right vibe in relation to the content we're sharing and the rest of Journey? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. After all, the other purpose of this blog is to talk with you. It's not just about our side of the story.

Mallory Perkins

Mallory Perkins is Social Media Analyst at The Coca-Cola Company and manages all things Coca-Cola Unbottled.