The role of consumer brands is changing rapidly. Even as brands continue to help people meet their everyday needs, consumers now expect brands they love to help solve broader challenges and make the world a better place.

For example, people today want to live more sustainably—and do so, in part, through what they buy. When we source, manufacture and distribute sustainably while strengthening our communities, we bring new shine to our brands and new value to our business.

The Coca-Cola Company refreshes the world with our beverages, our business and our community involvement. In 2016, we made a positive difference with sustainability efforts focused on women, water and well-being.

Women. With our 5by20 initiative, we’ve worked with our partners to help empower 1.7 million women entrepreneurs in 64 countries with training, mentoring, microcredits and more since 2010. And we’re applying the most effective approaches more broadly to reach 5 million women by 2020.

Water. In 2016, we announced we had met our goal of replenishing 100 percent of the water we use five years ahead of schedule. In early 2017, Muhtar Kent accepted the Water Leader Award from the U.S. Water Partnership on behalf of the Coca-Cola system.

Well-being. We continued in 2016 to help improve access to medicine and clean water in some of the most fragile communities we serve. We also ramped up our work to address obesity and help people consume less added sugar by initiating hundreds of recipe changes and increasing the marketing and availability of smaller bottles and cans.


As the needs of shoppers and retailers change, we’re working to serve them with a unique approach that combines global scale and reach with local relationships and a drive to build value for every consumer, customer and community.

In 2016, The Coca-Cola Company continued our evolution to become a higher-margin business focused on creating value, building brands, meeting customer needs and leading our bottling system. We strengthened our brands and improved our portfolio with innovations in products and packaging, more and better marketing, and targeted investments.

We also worked with our franchise partners to improve our bottling system around the world. Our bottling partners are experts in making, selling and distributing our beverages, building relationships with retailers and restaurant customers, and serving distinct, local consumer tastes.

In 2016, we continued to refranchise our U.S. bottling territories to strong, committed bottling partners, and we’re on track to complete this process in 2017.

We also agreed to sell our bottling operations in China to our two franchise bottling partners in this key market. Coca-Cola European Partners began operations, uniting the strengths of three bottling partners to serve much of Western Europe. And we helped create Coca Cola Beverages Africa to bring scale, efficiency and improved service to 11 countries across Southern and Eastern Africa.


We’re making thoughtful, decisive moves to become a consumer-centered total beverage company based on five strategic imperatives:

Accelerating the growth of our consumer-centric brand portfolio. We’re building a vibrant, modern portfolio that provides refreshment, great taste, uplift, hydration, pleasure and more.

Driving revenue growth. Every market—whether emerging, developing or developed—has a targeted role to play in growing our revenue.

Strengthening our global system. We’re working with our partners to complete the ongoing work of refranchising territories to strong, capable and committed bottling partners.

Digitizing our enterprise. We’re leveraging technology to improve the way we engage with our consumers, customers and colleagues.

Unlocking the power of our people. We’re making our organization faster, leaner and more agile, empowering our people to act boldly and learn as we go.

As we build brands people love, we share them through a pervasive global distribution system. Our business, in turn, creates shared value for consumers, customers and communities.

As our Company and bottling partners succeed along with the communities we serve, the Coca-Cola system attracts investment to power the next wave of our growth—and the next generation of consumer-centric beverages


For 130 years, Coca-Cola people have been guided by a spirit of creativity, innovation, collaboration and love of community. And this spirit and passion have allowed us to expand to 200-plus countries and nurture one of the world’s most valuable and recognizable brands.

As we become a total beverage company, we will provide the structure, resources and incentives to our people so they are even more empowered to do things that create the most value for our consumers, retail customers and shareowners. Together, we’re building a culture that takes risks, learns quickly from failure and shares successes broadly across our system. We will get things done more effectively, with cleaner lines of decision making and clear responsibilities.

Our strong commitment to diversity and inclusion is a key part of our growth strategy. In 2016, for the 11th consecutive year, The Coca-Cola Company was recognized by the Human Rights Campaign with a perfect score on the Corporate Equality Index. And in early 2017, we celebrated the hiring of our 5,000th U.S. military veteran, following through on an important commitment we made in 2012.

Coca-Cola associates are ambassadors in their communities. To celebrate those who go above and beyond, our Coca-Cola Ambassador program shines a global spotlight on some of our most compelling and inspiring people. From flood cleanup to innovative waste-reduction efforts to helping the disabled, Coca-Cola Ambassadors lead by example in creating real and lasting value in their communities.