The CEO Water Mandate is a unique public-private initiative designed to assist companies in the development, implementation and disclosure of water sustainability policies and practices. Companies that endorse the Mandate are required to report progress annually against a set of standard principles. The Coca-Cola Company became one of the first six companies to commit to the CEO Water Mandate in 2007. In support of the CEO Water Mandate principles, we publicly report performance of direct operations, supply chain and watershed management, collective action, public policy, community engagement, and transparency.

As part of our participation in the CEO Water Mandate, we helped fund and develop Water Action Hub, a website that helps NGOs, governments, and communities connect and collaborate on water issues of mutual interest. The Hub connects stakeholders working on such wide-ranging issues as water efficiency, storm water management, sustainable agriculture, source-water protection, effluent management and more. The site also provides profiles of specific water-stressed regions and descriptions of water-related projects in progress. We also supported CEO Water Mandate’s development of a guide for business respecting the human right to water and sanitation.