The Coca-Cola Company has engaged with Ceres for more than a decade on a wide range of sustainability initiatives, from our sustainability reporting and goals to our water policies and approach to other environmental, social and governance issues. In that time, Ceres has helped convene diverse stakeholders to guide and influence Coca-Cola’s sustainability strategies and disclosures, and elevated the Company’s sustainability leadership to their broad coalition of investors and NGOs.

In helping to identify ways to strengthen Coca-Cola’s water strategy, Ceres conducted a multi-stage Aqua Gauge assessment of our water management approach, with recommendations focused on opportunities to reduce risks and impacts in our agricultural supply chain.

Ceres has provided Coca-Cola opportunities to engage with stakeholders through speaking invitations to conferences and by highlighting our water leadership work in Ceres reports, tools and frameworks, including Water & Climate Risks Facing U.S. Corn Production: How Companies & Investors Can Cultivate Sustainability and Feeding Ourselves Thirsty: How the Food Sector is Managing Global Water Risks. And, in March 2015, Coca-Cola was one of the founding signatories of Ceres’ Connect the Drops California water initiative.

We continue our engagement with Ceres and report on any outputs in our annual sustainability reports.