Our way forward. In 2014, we began organizing our business to drive stronger growth while moving us closer to a rapidly changing beverage landscape and the needs of our consumers and retail customers.

This work was designed not as a temporary, one-time initiative but as a new and ongoing way of doing business in an environment that’s continuously evolving. At the heart of this work is a drive to streamline our operating structure to be faster and better, with associates more empowered to make critical decisions and take action.

At the same time, we committed to generate more productivity across our enterprise while increasing investments in our brands, starting with Coca‑Cola. With all the work we do, we’re highly focused on increasing revenue, growing value ahead of our industry and strengthening our position as the world’s leading beverage system.

See 2014 highlights in our full-screen slideshow: Let’s get to work.

Annual Report Our People 604s

Every day. Everywhere. Imagine an industry with the reach, products, occasions and affordability to touch almost every person in the world.

The nonalcoholic beverage business is such an industry. And we feel privileged to lead an industry that continues to grow, innovate, change and provide increasing economic, social and environmentally responsible value to individuals, families and communities in every corner of the globe.

By 2020, the total retail value of our industry is expected to reach approximately $1.2 trillion, up from approximately $700 billion in 2009. As our industry grows, so does our responsibility to help protect the resources and people who are so vital to our collective future. We believe our continued sustainability focus on Women, Water and Well-Being is right for our Company—and right for our times.

Annual Report Our People 604s

Thirsty for more.
With nearly 250 bottling partners, the Coca‑Cola system makes and distributes over 500 brands and more than 3,600 products, including more than 1,000 reduced-, low- and no-calorie beverages. 

As the world’s largest beverage system, we service more than 23 million customer outlets, from mom-and-pop restaurants to neighborhood stores to the world’s largest retailers. Every day, more than 700,000 Coca‑Cola system associates are working to ensure that our beverages are within an “arm’s reach of desire”—with the right brands, the right package sizes and the right prices in the right retail channels for our shoppers and consumers. Ours is a local business, with our beverages bottled, distributed and sold in the communities we serve. And this gives us unique local insights into customs, tastes, preferences and trends, and embeds us into the fabric of the community.

Annual Report Our People 604s

Coming together. Coca‑Cola associates are your neighbors, friends, family and the folks you see throughout your community. They’re people just like you, doing extraordinary things every day.

From sales and service providers, drivers and merchandisers to brand managers, technical experts, marketers and more, the people of Coca‑Cola are united in their passion for refreshing others, providing simple moments of happiness, building the world’s greatest brands and ensuring that your investment in our business continues to deliver enduring value for you and your family. In 2014, our people went above and beyond, staying focused on the job at hand while showing great flexibility as we began organizing our business for more robust long-term growth. The Coca‑Cola Company’s 2014 Year in Review is dedicated to all our people—past and present—who’ve made our brands and business what they are today.

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