Our Approach

We are taking a new approach to our Sustainability Report this year. As consumers increasingly consider a company’s social and environmental impact when making purchase decisions, we aim to make this report more accessible and engaging to a broader audience in addition to the stakeholders we traditionally reach. With this goal in mind, we present data in this year’s report in a more illustrated and shareable format. We produced visually stimulating one-page infographics in our primary PDF report. These fact sheets:

  • Clearly communicate why our sustainability priorities are important to our business
  • Capture our 2016 highlights and progress against our 2020 goals in a way that can be shared and consumed
  • Invite more people into the discussion of the importance of sustainability to the Coca-Cola system

Expanding the Breadth of our Reporting

Just a click beyond the one-page infographics, consumers can access sustainability updates and disclosures online at Coca-Cola Journey via dynamic, real-time updates, news stories and blogs. We are well aware that a single document does not always meet the needs of all our stakeholders, so we continue to collaboratively evolve our reporting through our ongoing stakeholder engagement processes.

This year, for the first time, our Sustainability Update also contains a special focus report on the intersection of our sustainability priorities. This report examines, for example, how our work replenishing water in communities positively impacts women, and how our “Sustainable Agriculture” program aims to provide economic opportunities to those in the communities where we operate.

The role of our Sustainability Report is to provide easier access to all of our disclosures, metrics, programs and progress online, sowe believe this structure will make it easier for our stakeholders to locate the information that matters most to them. The Sustainability Report is a portal to a larger universe of information. This way, our readers can take advantage of the best of both worlds: A quick summary of the year’s highlights with the option to dive deeper into the online modules, rich with dynamic, real-time news stories and blogs.

How to Navigate this Report

The goal of our reporting is to communicate the Coca-Cola system’s sustainability priorities, as well ascapture our 2016 highlights and progress against our 2020 Goals. Each one-page infographic contains the following elements, as displayed in the key below:

  1. Name of the topic
  2. Our approach to the topic in one sentence
  3. Explanation of the importance of the topic to our business
  4. 2016 progress and overall highlights regarding the topic
  5. Links to the full 2016 update and more about the topic on Journey

Access to our Sustainability disclosures can be found in our Sustainability Report and on Coca-Cola Journey. Throughout Journey, we include additional discussions on our approach to, and management of, our priority issues, goals, metrics, partnerships and programs, while the Sustainability Report includes only highlights from 2016 with access to our disclosures, policies and programs. On Journey, we also include links to our partners’ websites to make it easier for our readers to learn more about our projects, partners and goals. These links are included for reference only; we do not endorse or incorporate by reference any information from external websites in our report.