On June 5, 2007 at WWF's annual meeting in Beijing, China, The Coca-Cola Company announced a goal to return to communities and to nature an amount of water equivalent to what we use in all of our beverages and their production. This means reducing the amount of water used to produce our beverages, recycling water used for manufacturing processes so it can be returned safely to the environment, and replenishing water in communities and nature through locally relevant projects. We continue to work with WWF and other conservation partners on initiatives that will help meet our goal.

Reduce, Recycle and Replenish

Reduce: We will set specific water efficiency targets for global operations by 2008 to be the most efficient user of water among peer companies.

Recycle: By the end of 2010, we will return all the water that we use for manufacturing processes to the environment at a level that supports aquatic life and agriculture. At Coca-Cola, we have water treatment standards that are more stringent than many local standards and nearly 85% of our manufacturing facilities have implemented these standards, again reflecting the commitment of our bottlers to water stewardship. We are committed to 100% alignment among our manufacturing facilities with our Company's stringent water treatment standards.

Replenish: Our commitment to replenish means that on a global basis we will give back by supporting healthy watersheds and sustainable community water programs to balance the water used in our finished beverages. We will do this by working on a wide range of locally relevant initiatives, such as watershed protection, community water access, rainwater harvesting, reforestation, and agricultural water use efficiency.

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