Recently I attended Walmart’s Sustainability Milestone meeting and shared some of the exciting packaging work we are pursuing at Coca-Cola.  This year, Coca-Cola announced new global commitments renewing our focus on water, energy and packaging.

We are taking a broad approach to reducing our packaging impact that includes thoughtful design of our primary packaging, and consideration of materials used throughout our supply chain.  Coca-Cola aims to improve the sustainability of its packaging platform through a multi-layered strategy.  This includes reducing the material we use in our packaging, improving recyclability, increasing recycled content, increasing packaging recovery rate, and introducing innovations like the PlantBottle™.

Coca-Cola is active on a number of fronts to improve the recyclability of our packaging.  This month, we will begin selling our holiday bottle at Walmart stores which includes a new recycle friendly shrink sleeve label.

Looking for more on the new sleeve label and Coca-Cola's packaging innovations with Walmart? You can find the rest of the post on Walmart's The Green Room.

Robert Long is Senior VP for R&D and Technical Governance at The Coca-Cola Company, North America