Some of our packaging recovery programs

  • Happy Recycling Machine: Coca-Cola Singapore brings together government, civil society, and a very special vending machine to help increase recycling rates across the country. When consumers placed their empty plastic beverage bottles in the machine, they received an award for being environmentally responsible. The campaign collected 51,827 recycled bottles, while educating the public on the importance of sustaining environmental resources.
  • Keep America Beautiful: The Coca-Cola Company helped found Keep America Beautiful 60 years ago, and our support continues. A grant from The Coca-Cola Foundation to Keep America Beautiful allowed 25,000 single-stream curbside recycling carts to be donated to the City of Chicago. The grant was matched by a commitment from The Coca-Cola Company to provide an additional 25,000 carts over the next five years. The carts will be part of the City of Chicago’s deployment of 600,000 households throughout the City, which is expected to significantly raise recycling rates in the Windy City.
  • Keep New Zealand Beautiful and Keep Australia Beautiful: In 2012, we contributed $150,000 to support beverage container recycling programs by Keep New Zealand Beautiful and $170,000 to public recycling efforts by Keep Australia Beautiful, bringing our total contributions to Australia’s program to more than $500,000 since 2009.
  • International Coastal Cleanup: Coca-Cola has supported Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup since 1995 through educational outreach, community engagement, research, industry collaborations, marketing and more. In 2014, more than more than 7,000 Coca-Cola system associates participated in the initiative to remove trash and debris from waterways. The 2015 annual event will take place on Sept. 19, 2015.
  • Project Recover: Project Recover, an initiative supported by The Coca-Cola Company that involves the local government and non-profit organizations in Thailand, helps create cooperative communities centered on the recovery and recycling of beverage packages. The project provides job opportunities for members of the local community, as they are able to collect recyclable materials and turn them into the cooperative for payment.
  • NASCAR:  NASCAR Green is an overarching campaign to increase the focus on sustainability at NASCAR events.  Key components of the NASCAR Green program include beverage container recycling, oil and tire recycling, and the use of Ethanol fuel.  Coca-Cola has been NASCAR’s recycling partner since 2008, spearheading the efforts around beverage container recycling.  We have placed more than 10,000 recycle bins at NASCAR tracks and last year more than 5.5 million beverage containers were recovered during 28 race weekends at the 19 tracks where Coke products are sold.
  • 2012 London Games: In London, a zero waste infrastructure helped create the most sustainable Olympic Games of modern times. More than 15 million plastic bottles were recycled to produce new beverage packaging that was back on store shelves within six weeks. In addition to the goal to recycle every soft drink bottle collected at London 2012, all Coca-Cola packaged products were served in 100 percent recyclable plastic bottles, which contained up to 25 percent recycled content, and Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero drinks were served in PlantBottle™ packaging, containing up to 22.5 percent plant-based material. Coca-Cola also placed 260 recycling bins in locations around the center of London.
  • ReImagine Beverage Containers: Reimagine Beverage Containers recycling centers provided interactive collection kiosks to encourage people to recycle. More than 45 million containers have been recycled since the Reimagine program launched in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in late 2010. On average, each week more than 1,500 consumers brought their cans and PET plastic bottles to the recycling center, and more than 1,000,000 cans and bottles were recycled each month. All five Reimagine centers closed in the fall of 2014. We are exploring other options and plan to use the learnings we acquired with the Reimagine pilot.
  • EKOCYCLEEKOCYCLE™ is a stand-alone brand initiative dedicated to helping encourage recycling behavior and sustainability among consumers through aspirational, yet attainable lifestyle products made in part from recycled material. A collaboration between Global musical artist and producer and The Coca-Cola Company, the brand initiative supports recycling by helping consumers recognize that items they consider waste today may be a part of a lifestyle product they can use tomorrow. The Coca-Cola Company will donate its portion of licensing profits from the EKOCYCLE brand initiative to support additional recycling and community improvement organizations.