An iconic citrus-flavored soda from the ‘90s is now part of the Coca-Cola Freestyle lineup. SURGE is available starting this week on the interactive fountain dispenser exclusively in select Burger King® restaurants

Coca-Cola Freestyle – an interactive, touchscreen-operated dispenser that offers nearly 200 drink options – decided to add SURGE following months of persistent pleas from the brand’s passionate fanbase.

“The idea started with consumers asking for SURGE on Freestyle… a lot,” said Eric Lewis, group director, marketing, Coca-Cola Freestyle. “We received hundreds of requests on our social media channels and were able to collaborate quickly with Burger King and the SURGE team to make it happen.”

Lewis added, “Millennials are our sweet spot, so SURGE was a great fit. To them, SURGE tastes like their childhood.”

Janine Shearer, vice president of Coke’s North America Burger King Corporation customer team, said SURGE is also a great fit with Burger King® guests, who are always looking for unique offerings.  

“By leveraging the distinct benefits of the Coca-Cola Freestyle platform, we were able to quickly innovate and deliver a great-tasting product,” she said. “We’re excited to have partnered with Burger King on launching SURGE on Freestyle. The response has been incredible.”

The partners took to social media to make the announcement, engaging in some playful back-and-forth banter to get SURGE fans amped. The previously dormant SURGE Twitter handle kicked things off by tweeting a simple “Hello.”

Over the next 20 hours, the tweet amassed hundreds of likes, comments and retweets, building anticipation for some playful banter conversation with Coca-Cola Freestyle, SURGE and Burger King that generated more than 200,000 impressions in a single day.

The launch will be supported by in-restaurant marketing both at the point of sale and on the Coca-Cola Freestyle display screen. Additional marketing rooted in the core creative idea of “Paging all SURGE fans” will lean into the brand’s throwback appeal by featuring other 90’s icons.

The SURGE Story

Coca-Cola introduced SURGE in 1996, but took it off the market in 2003. The brand amassed a cult-like following among its young male-dominated fanbase, who loved its bright green color, bold citrus taste and quirky sense of humor.

In September 2014, Coca-Cola responded to the passionate and persistent efforts of The SURGE Movement – a Facebook community, led by three 20-something men, that lobbied the company to bring back their favorite drink – by re-launching SURGE through a unique e-commerce partnership with

The SURGE comeback continued in 2015 with a pilot in select convenience stores across the Midwest, Southeast and Great Lakes, and the company has gradually expanded the brand’s availability.

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