Just like there is a great interdependency between resources, there is a great interdependency between the different actors required to make a positive impact on resource challenges. This premise underscores our approach to Golden Triangle partnerships of business, government and civil society, which are vital to maximizing the impact of our programs and addressing diverse water issues across the Coca-Cola system.

We have found that collaboration is key to achieve results; and we recognize and embrace the idea that the collaborative power of partnerships can achieve much greater collective impact than would be possible by any one organization or sector working in isolation. The Golden Triangle partnership approach is a core part of our business strategy, and when managed well, it can be a powerful tool for sustainable business growth and progress against our sustainability commitments.

There’s a role for everyone one to play. Through leadership, responsible use and collective action we believe it is possible to secure sustainable water for all users and future generations.

Learn more about our major partnerships to advance water stewardship across the Coca-Cola system and in some of the communities we serve by clicking here.