We have created a unique partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to address community water needs in developing countries around the world. In conjunction with local USAID Missions and our system partners (foundations and bottling facilities), and with support from the Global Environment and Technology Foundation (GETF), the “Water and Development Alliance” (WADA) contributes to protecting and improving the sustainability of watersheds, increasing access to water supply and sanitation services for the world's poor, and enhancing productive uses of water. With a combined investment of $20.4 million since 2005, WADA is having a positive impact on the lives of people and the health of ecosystems in 21 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Our Objectives

  • Establish participatory, sustainable water and watershed resources management to benefit people and ecosystems
  • Increase access to community water supply and sanitation services
  • Foster improved behaviors in sanitation and hygiene for positive health impacts
  • Promote efficient and sustainable productive use of water to protect the environment and provide economic benefits to communities

Our Projects

Angola (PDF)
Bolivia (PDF)
Egypt (PDF)
Ethiopia (PDF)
Ghana and Ivory Coast (PDF)
Indonesia (PDF)
Malawi (PDF)
Mali (PDF)
Mozambique Bairro 4 (PDF)
Mozambique TextAfrica (PDF)
Nigeria (PDF)
Tanzania (PDF)
Uganda (PDF)

USAID is the principal U.S. federal agency providing development and humanitarian assistance. The agency’s Global Development Alliance links U.S. foreign assistance with the resources, expertise and creativity of the private sector as well as non-governmental organizations. Since it was launched in 2001, the Global Development Alliance has changed the way U.S. international development projects are financed and implemented. By cultivating more than 600 public-private alliances with over 1,700 individual partners, it has allowed USAID to leverage an additional $5.8 billion in private funds and contributions from an original investment of $2.1 billion in public funds.

Learn more about our partnership (PDF)