These cuddly canines bark for attention in part two of our reader submitted Dog Days of Summer photo series. The featured furry friends unleash their inner models as they paws for the camera. From party pups to panting pooches, these posh pets prove that every dog does have his day.

Border collie in the lake

Ashley Callahan says, "My parents' border collie never has more fun than when he's at the lake. Like a little kid, he not only swims, but makes sure to bring some of the beach home with him. Here he is, face full of sand."

Ashley Callahan

Sonny looks out the window

Will it ever stop raining? helmsman9876's dog Sonny just wants to go outside and play!


"This is my dog Cooper lazing on a Sunday afternoon," says Jan Schneider.

Otis wearing party hat

According to Jennifer Westfall, "Otis is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. He's also quite the party animal..."

Jackson in a Freestyle hat

Jodie Sands shares this story: "Corner Store launched Freestyle in 21 outlets in June 2013...In the heat of the project, I had to run my mini schnauzer, Jackson, to a vet appointment one evening and thought it would be fun to snap this shot with a Freestyle hat. I shared the cute pic with the team and this ended up being a running joke with them at times when we did not know an answer. 'Maybe Jackson knows.'"

Lola playing in water

"Lola is all about fun & games in the water," says Karen. "She is originally from the forests of Costa Rica and is now in the beautiful Spanish landscapes. Her favorite game is fetching toys out of the water."

lounging dog

Megan McBride sends in this photo of a "spoiled princess!"

Crush peers around the corner

"Crush is not only a companion, he's my best friend," says Magda Wolski. "Every day he has something up his sleeve to make me laugh and smile...It's unfortunate that Coca-Cola hasn't made dog treats, because this dog would definitely be a number one customer (he loves to eat)."