Peace Tea is launching its first national campaign – “Choose Peace” – since joining the Coca-Cola portfolio four years ago. The free-spirited refreshment tea brand is taking its peaceful salute rallying cry a step further by encouraging and celebrating “Randomer Random Acts of Kindness.”

“Today’s teens and young Millennials want to make a positive impact in their communities, but sometimes the idea of peace feels impossible or out-of-reach,” said Handley Mikec, associate brand manager, Peace Tea. “That tension creates an opportunity for the Peace Tea brand to play a bigger role in the lives of our fans. We hope to win the hearts and minds of Gen Z by being completely authentic and transparent, but also fun and youthful.”

Choose Peace encourages “Randomer Random Acts of Kindness.” “By doing small, random acts of kindness, we make peace feel lighter and more tangible. Being bolder than the rest – the unexpected highlight of an otherwise ordinary day. Randomer Random Acts will come to life on Peace Tea’s social channels – as we showcase ideas for a twist on typical good deeds.

Peace Tea Collage

A Peace Team of personalities will share their own Randomer Random Acts of Kindness on social media as inspiration. These six individuals – Lela Brown (@misslelabrown), Alexis Jayde Burnett (@lexijayde), Caden Conrique (@cadenconrique), Branden Harvey (@brandenharvey), Morgan Harper Nichols (@morganharpernichols) and Bryce Xavier (@brycexavier) – have made a name for themselves by spreading positivity across social media. Learn more by visiting or following @PeaceTea on Instagram and Twitter

For every “like” of a Peace Tea Randomer Random Act of Kindness on social media, Peace Tea will donate $1 to, a charity that funds random acts of kindness around the world. Commenting or Sharing the post will increase Peace Tea’s donation to $2.

Street teams will be at major events throughout the summer handing out Peace Tea samples and encouraging fans to engage in Randomer Random Acts of Kindness.

“Peace Tea has always been about spreading peace, love and happiness, but this campaign takes it a step further by reminding fans that the power of peace is in their hands,” Mikec said.

Peace Tea has been wholly owned by The Coca-Cola Company since 2014. The brand came into the company through Coca-Cola North America’s Venturing and Emerging Brands (VEB) unit, and “graduated” into the company’s mainstream tea portfolio earlier this year.

Peace Tea offers seven bold, fruity flavor varieties – Caddy Shack, Razzleberry, Georgia Peach, Sno-Berry, Texas Style Sweet Tea, Green Tea, and Sweet Lemon – in a thirst-quenching, eye-catching 23-oz. can. The brand has posted steady growth in recent years, with retail sales up more than 30 percent in 2017.