For the second consecutive year, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has presented energy-saving Coca-Cola vending machines with the Energy Conservation Grand Prize. This year's top prize applauded the development and deployment of “Peak Shift" vending machines, which save energy by shifting power used to cool beverages from day (when energy demand is highest) to night. This makes it possible for the machines to offer cold products 24 hours a day without using any power, cutting daytime power consumption by up to 95%. 

Exceeding the original goal of 25,000 units, 28,000 Peak Shift machines were installed across Japan in 2013.

“Our thinking behind the innovative peak shift vending machines was the desire to contribute to the energy situation in Japan following the Great East Japan Earthquake," said Tim Brett, representative director and president, Coca-Cola Japan. "We couldn’t have won this without the cooperation of suppliers, customers and consumers, all of whom supported our ideas. We will steadily continue to deploy more peak shift vending machines and gain understanding from as many people as possible. We are also constantly making greater efforts towards further innovation.”

Coca-Cola Japan will deploy more of the units in 2014. Across Japan, greater emphasis is being placed on energy conservation during peak hours due to the revised Act on the Rational Use of Energy. Read more about the vending innovation here and here.