“This is an incredible day for cycling in Ireland,” exclaims Ireland Public Transport Minister Alan Kelly. The jubilant statement came as he announced details about three new bike-share schemes for the cities of Cork, Limerick and Galway.

Joining the likes of Paris, London, Barcelona, and Dublin, the new bike schemes will allow cyclists to use bikes for free or at a low cost.  Riders will be able to take and leave the bicycles at various docking stations throughout the cities. Kelly says it is a major achievement made possible through the partnership with Coca-Cola Ireland.

Spinning the Wheels of Success

The rollout of the new programs are made possible following an agreement by Coca-Cola Ireland to partner with the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport, the National Transport Authority and the Cities of Cork, Galway and Limerick. The schemes will be known as ‘Coke Zero Bikes’ – 700 bikes and 73 docking stations will be available throughout Cork, Limerick and Galway by next summer.

Coke Zero Bikes

Bikes will be branded Coke Zero. 

Once in motion, the Minister anticipates an additional 700,000 cycling trips will be taken per year. It’s an optimistic estimate echoed by the National Transport Authority (NTA) and The Coca-Cola Company. The NTA recognizes Dublin’s public bike scheme as a model for success and expects Cork, Limerick and Galway will follow in the capital city’s tracks.

Creating a Cycling Culture

Jon Woods, general manager, Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland, says over the next five years the company strives “to help create a culture of cycling and to help have a positive impact on people’s lives.”

At the launch, Woods emphasized Coca-Cola’s proud support of initiatives that promote healthy and active lifestyles in the 207 countries it serves.

Woods says Coca-Cola looks forward to partnering with the NTA, the Department of Transport and the three cities, “to encourage people to become more active by using the bikes in their cities.” Coca-Cola also plans to measure the impact of public cycling on people’s health.

The “Coke Zero Bikes” scheme will include branding on the bikes and associated infrastructure. By June 2014, these decked-out bicycles will be available to take a spin around the Emerald Isle.

“Ireland is gradually becoming a cycling country with huge benefits, and long may this continue,” concludes Minister Kelly.

The Bicycle Breakdown

  • Bikes= 700
  • Docking stations = 73
  • Bikes= 315
  • Docking Stations= 31
  • Bikes= 200
  • Docking Stations= 23
  • Bikes= 185
  • Docking Stations= 19