A little more than five months ago – on Nov. 12, 2012, to be exact – we launched this digital magazine, Coca-Cola Journey. We created Journey to be a place where thoughtful people can indulge their curiosity about the world around them, engage in a civil discussion and hopefully learn a little more about one of the world's best-known companies.

At the time, Ashley Brown, Group Director of Digital Communications and Social Media, authored an article titled “Why We’re Here.” Brown used the term “optimistic” in describing how we approach the world around us and our desire to contribute to the global dialogue. That optimism took seed and today, across the world from Coke’s Atlanta headquarters, our Coke colleagues in Berlin, Germany are joining the conversation by launching the first international Coca-Cola Journey site. To our regular readers, their site will look familiar. And while you may even recognize some of the global stories, it’s uniquely theirs. Their stories are authored and curated by their own digital team, and written in German. As we celebrate this milestone, we invite you to read a German piece we’ve translated and highlighted from their launch about how Fanta is encouraging children to be active through discovery and playing

As optimism knows no borders or language barriers, and we bring Germany onboard, we commit to continue being an open, transparent, honest host and a thoughtful curator from wherever in the world you join us from. As we welcome, or willkommen, Germany to Journey, we invite you to take peek behind the curtain as Patrick Kammerer, Coca-Cola Germany’s director of public affairs and corporate communications, shares his thoughts on the launch:

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the new online magazine of Coca-Cola Germany. We call it "Journey" because it is a journey that we want to make together with you. Join us. Have a look around and roam through the magazine....

Our Plans

On Journey we present you with the latest events from the world of Coca-Cola, the history of our brands and the background of the myth that surrounds them. Having a zest for life is an important focus for the magazine as is our commitment to society and the environment. We will regularly invite experts from different walks of life to share their views on Journey with you and will also ask various contemporaries for their personal views on topics like happiness. In "Blogoscope" we will cover our current favorite blog every month. Read on!

Journey offers reading recommendations, links to articles with similar topic and has an extensive range of videos. Check out our spot "50 Years of Bundesliga in one move" for a starter. Read the "Ten Tips for Happiness" or have a look and listen, where Coca-Cola makes people sing.

My personal reading tip for the first issue: an online vote on the Fanta playground initiative which covers the work done by Coke and its partners helping to make playgrounds throughout Germany safer and more creative environments for children. Another reading tip: "Clean water for Ghana". The report explains how Coca-Cola is helping to provide local people with access to clean drinking water in countries where water is scarce.

Our German online magazine, though linked to the Global edition of Journey (which went online in 2012), is independent, entertaining, and informative.

Travel with us, read on, surprise yourself and please tell us what you think.

Have fun with Journey!

Sincerely Yours,

Patrick Kammerer
Director of Public Affairs and Corporate Communications
Coca-Cola Germany